All-Sangha Meeting

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Sunday, August 4, at 4pm

It’s our sangha meet-up time! Hear about what we are up to as a center, what’s in the pipe-line and other news of interest. Most importantly, we gather as a group, share ideas, get involved and catch up with fellow sangha.

All Amrita members & friends are welcome

Further questions? Please email

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Chokhor Duchen, Friday, July 12, 2013

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lights (2)The Buddhist holiday, Chokhor Duchen, commemorates the first teaching given by Shakyamuni Buddha after attaining enlightenment. For seven weeks after the Buddha attained full realization, he did not teach.  Finally, encouraged by Indra and Brahma, he turned the Wheel of Dharma for the first time by teaching the Four Noble Truths.  It is said that karmic actions created during the Chokhor Duchen are magnified 100,000,000 times, an opportunity to create ...

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JULY 2013 Practice Schedule

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Tsok Schedule
*empowerment required **Vows of Refuge required

  • Sunday July 14 Vajrakilaya* 2pm
  • Wednesday July 17 Guru Rinpoche**7pm
  • Monday July 22 Chenrezig*, 7pm
  • Wednesday July 31 Red Tara*, 7pm

Weds Night Open Practice, 7pm
Open meditation and recitation of Heart Sutra, and the daily practices of Red Tara and Chenrezig. Wednesday night open practice is Incense-free.  All are welcome!

July 03
July 10
July 24

Sunday Practices@ 9:30 – 11:30am
Permission required to attend ...

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