Tsok Offerings

The Tsok Offering

The Vajrayana approach is replete with many methods that purify negativity and gather wholesomeness. Among all these methods, it is said that the Tsok Offering is the most powerful. We at Amrita carryout the practice of Tsok several times each month as advised by our founder, His Eminence, the late Chagdud Rinpoche. Any connection you make with these Tsok Offerings will bring great virtue to the practitioner as well as the sponsor, creating more benefit for all those connected.
— Lama Padma Yontan Gyatso

Please bring a tsok offering. All events will take place at the Dharma Center in Edmonds, bordering North Seattle. We are located at the back of the Firdale Village Shopping Center.

Click on the donate button below to make a monetary tsok offering. It will take you to the secured PayPal page to enter your donation amount and right before payment is complete it will allow you to enter special instructions if you wish to do so.

  • Long Life Prayer for H.E. Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche Yangsi

    Master Padmasambhava, embodiment of the Three Roots; Tangtong Gyalpo and others who were prophesized by the dakinis; and all the hosts of immortal vidyadharas – grant now the accomplishment of an indestructible life. Mastering the inexhaustible sky-like treasure trove of ripening and liberating teachings of the early translation school, the very heart of the Buddha’s doctrine, may this youthful sun – the supreme emanation who propagates virtue and excellence in the lotus garden of the teachings and beings – have a long life.

    May the blessings of the ocean-like victorious ones of the Three Jewels and the activities of the oath bound ones, dharma protectors and guardians, ensure that his lotus feet stand firmly in the vajra teachings and that the mantle of his ocean-like enlightened activities spread far and wide.

    Long Life Prayer in Pecha Format - PDF

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