Amrita Schedule – January 2021

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January 2021 – Amrita Livestream Program with Lama Padma

Livestream Details

Weekly Schedule (all times are Pacific Time)

January 6 Wednesday – Way of the Bodhisattva 7PM PST YouTube Livestream here
January 7 Thursday – Chenrezig Tsok Feast (Restricted) 7PM PST
January 9 Saturday – Red Tara Tsok Feast 9AM PST

January 13 Wednesday – Precious Echoes 7PM PST
January 14 Thursday – Lojong Practice (Restricted) 7PM PST

January 20 Wednesday – Way of the Bodhisattva 7PM PST  YouTube Livestream

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Nyung-nay: The fasting ritual of Avalokiteshvara with Lama Padma Gyatso

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January 21 – 22, 2017
Cost: members $160, nonmembers – $190*

The practice of Nyung-nay is a swift and powerful means to clear away obstacles to physical and mental well-being. It brings the practitioner to the essence of the supreme secret of Avalokiteshvara, the compassionate expression of all buddhas.

By taking the temporary eight precepts (avoiding killing, stealing, sex, lies, alcohol, high seats or beds, eating after noon, perfume, music and dance, jewelry, etc.), the causes for experiencing happiness ...

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