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Wednesday’s at 7:30pm. All are welcome.

Check our calendar for possible changes due to special events that may happen on a Wednesday.

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What’s Happening at Amrita

Amrita Schedule – December 2019

Join us Tuesday, December 31, at 7:30pm for Amrita’s Annual New Year’s Eve Red Tara Tsok Tsok S...

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Amrita Schedule – November 2019

Amrita is honored to announce: ~ Sunday, November 17 at 10:00am:  Red Tara tsok in commemoratino of...

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Lama Padma

Teachings Online

ListenContemplateMeditate is the SoundCloud podcast of teachings by Chagdud Gonpa lamas.

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Make an offering for tsok, butter lamps or general support.

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Add a name to the Removal of Obstacles or Recently Deceased prayer lists.