His Eminence Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche’s family monastery in Tromge, Kham (eastern Tibet) and Amrita in Seattle hold a special connection. This is primarily through our practice of Chenrezig which belongs to a unique cycle preserved at Tromge Gonpa for many centuries. Lama Padma and a few sangha members received this cycle directly from the lineage holder, Dechen Tromge Rinpoche, on a pilgrimage there in 2004.

We are delighted to learn recently that a school dedicated to literacy skills and Buddhist study has been re-established in Tromge with about two dozen students. These are all young boys and girls from the nearby nomad community. The original school house was a chicken coop with plastic sheets for its roof. At this point the students have moved their studies into new and larger school rooms adjacent to the temple. Here they are receiving the early basics of Dharma education.

Even a small contribution can go a long way in maintaining and expanding the building as well as providing necessary study materials and supplies for both teachers and students. Contributing to this educational project will ensure that these nomad children will receive a traditional Buddhist education with all the support and blessings of the lamas and the lineage. Your contribution will directly help the Buddhadharma to be properly and thoroughly passed on to the next generation.